Tyson Agrees to Add Insects to 'Food' Products without Informing Consumers – EVOL

Tyson Foods has just signed a massive new deal that will see the company adding insects to its products without informing consumers.

The new agreements, with insect ingredients company Protix, will allow Tyson to add bugs to its products and keep the formula hidden from the public without listing it in the ingredients.

The deal is seen as a significant “stepping stone” to replacing traditional meat products with insects.

Because the companies argue that eating insects is “sustainable” and will “save the planet” from “climate change,” they can hide the bugs from the consumer by leaving them off the ingredients label.

A twofold investment agreement forged between Tyson and Protix will allow the processed food industry to hide newfangled bug ingredients in their labels by creating an efficient and “sustainable” system of insect protein and lipids production for the entire global food system.

Using a direct equity investment, Tyson will acquire a minority stake in Protix to help fund its massive global expansion, creating a steady supply of insect and bug ingredients that will be forced on the entire planet – except for the food plates of the globalists, of course, who will still be fine-dining on steak and



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