CNN commentator Alice Stewart's shocking death sparks tributes from… – EVOL

An avalanche of sorrow swept down both sides of the political aisle this weekend as friends, colleagues and politicians reacted to the shocking death of CNN commentator Alice Stewart, who passed away suddenly Saturday at the age of 58.

“I am stunned and saddened by the news of Alice Stewart’s passing,” former New Jersey governor and GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie wrote on X.

“She was a political pro and a wonderfully nice person to just have a conversation with on any topic,” Christie added.

“I will miss Alice and will pray for her family.”

Stewart was found dead at the age of 58. alicestewartdc/Instagram

Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist and fellow CNN commentator, spent years debating Stewart on the network. But that didn’t stop the two from developing a deep, almost-familial bond.

“Alice was like a sister to me,” Cardona said on CNN, her voice breaking as she spoke. “Every time that she and I were on, we never pulled any punches in terms of the debate that we were having on politics … but what always stood out was that we did it with civility and respect and love.”

“Alice loved. She loved. She loved her family,



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