Young Republicans National Convention Release Results of Straw Poll – Trump Came in Second

One of the country’s largest conservative youth organizations released the results of a straw poll concerning the GOP presidential primary, and the results are somewhat surprising.

On Thursday, the Young Republicans took to X to share the results of the straw poll they conducted at the Young Republicans National Convention in Dallas, and former President Donald Trump came in second.

The winner of the straw poll was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who received 36.6 percent of the vote. Trump was a close second with 35.4 percent.

DeSantis and Trump came in miles ahead of the other candidates, with Vivek Ramaswamy receiving  9.1 percent,  Nikki Haley receiving 7.5 percent, and Tim Scott receiving 5.5 percent.

Despite exceeding expectations at last week’s debate, Mike Pence did not manage to crack the top five.

Straw Poll Results Are In! 🗳️ YRs across the country participated in a straw poll at YRNC Dallas. And it’s clear that YRs are divided between two contenders. Ron DeSantis comes in with 36.6% of the support, closely followed by Donald Trump at 35.4%.

— Young Republicans (@yrnational) August 31, 2023

Now this is not something that Trump or his campaign should be too panicked over



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