You Can't Make This Up: Neocon Nikki Haley Takes Her First Victory in D.C. Swamp GOP Primary – EVOL

Screenshot: AP

Nikki Haley has clinched her first win in the GOP presidential nominating contest this Sunday, as projected by NBC News and AP.

Haley has triumphed in the DC swamp primary, a result that her campaign is eager to use as a launching pad for the upcoming Super Tuesday races, where a total of 15 states and American Samoa will participate.

Haley’s campaign managed to garner a whopping 63% of the votes from D.C. RINOS, leaving Trump with 33%. The voter turnout saw just over 2,000 D.C.

Finally, Haley can now start bragging about “winning” the swamp.

The Hill reported:

The win for the former United Nations ambassador breaks a streak of more than a half dozen victories for former President Trump to start out the GOP contests for the nomination. It’s a much-needed triumph for Haley to show she can top Trump somewhere, but she still has a long road ahead of her.

She has pledged to stay in the race at least through Super Tuesday this week, when more than a dozen states will vote. But she was not able to win any of the early-voting states in January and February, and no upcoming state obviously jumps



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