‘You Built This Country’: Trump Praises Autoworkers, Slams Biden’s Electric Vehicle Mandates While Visiting Workers In Michigan

Former President Donald Trump told autoworkers that they have been left behind by the Democratic Party while speaking to workers in Michigan. “You built this country,” Trump said.

The former president travelled to Michigan on Wednesday to address workers at Drake Enterprises, a non-union auto parts shop. Trump’s visit comes just one day after President Biden briefly chatted with United Auto Workers union boss Shawn Fain before spending 15 minutes addressing workers on the picket line. The president then boarded Air Force One and headed to a fundraiser.

As Trump arrived at the event, he was greeted by large crowds of supporters who had gathered outside. Chants of “we love Trump” and “USA” could be heard as supporters held up “Trump 2024” signs and waved American flags. Right Side Broadcasting Network anchor Brian Glenn was stunned by the turnout, stating that attendance had far exceeded expectations for what was thought to be a “small” event.

.@realDonaldTrump arrives at Drake Enterprises in the Great State of Michigan. pic.twitter.com/emB3KkdFk1

— Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) September 28, 2023

Trump has repeatedly slammed Biden for his administration’s electric vehicle policies, which have led to massive profit dips and layoffs among the “big three”



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