“You Are Going to Elect Donald Trump”: Never Trump Pollster Warns CNN the Dems’ Attacks on Trump Will Backfire – EVOL

Political pollster Frank Luntz, a “Never Trump” critic who appears frequently on major news media, had strong pushback to the Democrats’ election interference campaign against former President Donald Trump: It will backfire.

“Alright, Frank. The politics of this folks in the Biden campaign are already starting to refer to Donald Trump as broke down, which is interesting,” CNN host John Berman said. “And then there is the possibility that the New York Attorney General Letitia James would have to start or would start seizing assets, maybe even buildings. How do you think that would play?”

“I want you to remember this moment,” Luntz said. “And don’t forget it. If the New York Attorney General starts to take his homes away, starts to seize his assets, it’s all going to be on camera. Pundits are going to sit there and scream about this. ‘This man cannot be elected!’ You’re going to create the greatest victimhood of 2024 and you’re going to elect Donald Trump if they take his stuff.”

“He’s going to say that ‘this is proof that the federal government and the establishment and the swamp in Washington and all the politicians across the country and the attorneys generals



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