Yet Another Prominent BLM Activist EXPOSED

Notice a pattern? Following the infamous ‘summer of love’ Senior leaders at BLM were universally exposed as frauds after the financial records came out and showed that the organization was hemorrhaging money.

It was later discovered that everything from sketchy fees to luxury homes drained the coffers of the organization.

In keeping with that theme, left-wing academic and race hustler Ibram Kendi, born Ibram Rogers, is reported to have squandered roughly $30 million.

Kendi, a social grievances professor, was never a ‘leader’ or an administrator of BLM, though he is an activist in that nebulous movement and has voiced support for the group.

Kendi received a grant for a think tank at Boston University in 2020. The purported think tank was called the ‘Boston University Center for Antiracist Research.’

What that alleged ‘think tank’ did or why they needed $30 million in funding is anyone’s guess. To date, little meaningful work has been done by the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, very little.

Even if Kendi’s initiative managed to do something of note or produce a large volume of academic work, why would it need $30 million to conduct that academic work?

No one needs $30 million to read books, conduct



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