World-Leading Ontologists Expose Global 'Turbo Cancer Epidemic' – EVOL

Several of the world’s leading oncologists have spoken out to warn the public about a global “turbo cancer epidemic” among those who received Covid mRNA shots.

Medical experts have been raising the alarm after realizing the long-term impact of the mass vaccination campaign.

Around the world, Covid-vaxxed citizens have been suffering heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, brain damage, VAIDS, and sudden deaths.

However, the rapidly emerging crisis is the soaring cases of “turbo cancers” that are growing among the vaxxed.

Doctors warn that people who appear to be “healthy” are diagnosed with cancer and can be dead in a week due to the rate the cancers are forming and spreading.

Medical experts have dubbed the phenomenon “turbo cancer” due to the speed at which it develops and spreads.

They now warn that it has become an “epidemic” for people who received one or more doses of the “vaccines.”

Professor Angus Dalgleish is now demanding that governments around the world “ban all messenger RNA vaccines!

“Ban the whole concept of giving the booster, there’s no way in the world these vaccines prevent infection.”

Joining Prof. Dalgleish is Professor Fukushima – the most senior oncologist in Japan.

Fukushima and Dalgleish presented



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