Woke Backlash: Most Americans Don’t Want Businesses to Take Public Stances on Current Issues, Poll Says

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans don’t want businesses to take public stances on current issues like gun laws and abortion.

A solid majority of Americans don’t want businesses to take public stances on political and social issues, per a new poll, which comes amid a broader backlash against corporate wokeism.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans—up from 52 percent last year—believe businesses shouldn’t take public stances on current events, according to a new poll from Gallup.

There’s a staggering partisan dimension to the findings, with political party identification having the strongest influence on whether Americans think corporations should take a public stance on current affairs.

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A whopping 62 percent of Democrats—compared to a paltry 17 percent of Republicans—favor companies taking public stands on current issues.

Even though Americans are generally opposed to businesses signaling their virtue in a public way, several issues bucked this trend. Majorities were in favor of companies weighing in on climate change (55 percent) and mental health (52 percent).

Lowest on the list of issues Americans feel businesses should virtue signal about are abortion (26 percent), political candidates (19 percent), and religion (15 percent).

The findings—especially the significant 8 percentage point overall jump in the share



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