White House: President Biden Will Not Pardon Hunter.

Chris Wilson, Head of Data at Ron DeSantis’s Never Back Down super PAC, was fired and sued by his former employer, Qorvis Communications, which accused him and his wife of diverting profits by secretly billing clients directly, and stealing some 28,000 confidential files to help establish a rival firm. An arbitration concluded, in 2008, that Wilson had to pay the firm a sum of $366,037.72 for a breach of his contractual duty of loyalty:

In its complaint, Qorvis alleged that Wilson, along with others, conspired to form their own business in the fall of 2003 and thereafter “proceeded to divert lucrative business opportunities to themselves and divide hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds among themselves.” It also alleged that Wilson and others “downloaded over 14 gigabytes (28,404 individual files) of Qorvis’ highly confidential and proprietary information” for purposes of pursuing the new endeavor. The 16-count complaint contended that Wilson breached the 2003 employment agreement, breached his duty of loyalty and duty to maintain confidentiality of employer information, interfered with contractual and business relationships between Qorvis and others, misappropriated trade secrets, converted Qorvis’ property and trade secrets for his own commercial use, and committed computer fraud.

Wilson recently expressed



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