White House Insiders: Jill Biden and Staff 'Protect' Biden from Media – EVOL

White House insiders have reportedly blown the whistle on the inner workings of efforts to conceal Democrat President Joe Biden’s physical and mental struggles from the American people.

In a revealing look behind the scenes of the White House, strategies to manage Biden’s public persona have come under scrutiny.

This investigation sheds light on efforts by the White House and First Lady Jill Biden to navigate President Biden’s challenges with public speaking and memory.

The strategy by Biden’s White House is reminiscent of the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” in which two employees try to convince the world that their dead boss is alive and well.

President Biden has held fewer press conferences or formal interviews three years into his presidency than any of his predecessors in recent history.

This strategic choice points towards an attempt to carefully manage the President’s public interactions, amid concerns over his verbal gaffes and memory lapses.

The instances when President Biden does engage with the press, often late at night and when he is alone, reveal a preference for unscripted interactions.

However, these moments are rare and typically happen away from the structured environment of formal press conferences.

When Jill Biden accompanies the president, it



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