WH Claims Biden Left Medal of Honor Ceremony Early to ‘Minimize Contact’

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday claimed that President Joe Biden left a Medal of Honor recipient’s ceremony early yesterday in order to “minimize his close contact with attendees.”

Biden’s early departure from the ceremony puzzled viewers, as it is not typical for a president to do so.

The Tuesday ceremony was to honor 81-year-old Army Captain Larry L. Taylor, a Vietnam veteran, for conspicuous gallantry while serving as a team leader of a helicopter light-fire team that rescued a patrol team surrounded by the enemy.

After placing the award around Taylor’s neck as is customary, Biden saluted him and walked out of the room before the ceremony was over.

Jean-Pierre claimed during the White House briefing the next day that Biden purposely walked out early during a “pause” in the ceremony to minimize the risk of him spreading COVID to others. While she said Biden has tested negative for COVID, first lady Jill Biden tested positive on Monday:

He left when there was a pause in the program in order to minimize — to minimize his close contact with attendees, who are who are about to participate in a reception. And as you all



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