West Virginia Blocks BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Several Others from State Contracts over ESG Push – EVOL

Officials in West Virginia have banned several globalist financial institutions from consideration for state contacts over their involvement in “environmental, social, and governance” (ESG) initiatives.

West Virginia will ban four additional financial institutions from state-funded contracts over their involvement in the woke initiatives, the Washington Examiner reported.

The move was announced by the state’s treasurer, Riley Moore.

The Mountain State is adding to its list of banned financial institutions with Citibank, HSBC Holdings, Northern Trust, and TD Bank.

Previously, heavy hitters such as Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and BlackRock were blocked.

State officials are fighting back against several initiatives, including energy policies that target fossil fuels like coal.

West Virginia is the second-largest producer of coal in the nation.

The state’s GOP Gov. Jim Justice has even made a living from removing coal from the ground.

Besides the attack on fossil fuels, these same institutions also embrace the combined ESG agenda.

These woke initiatives are a thinly veiled attempt at social engineering through corporations.

However, West Virginia is pushing back.

So far, the original companies that were banned have lost out on $18 billion in revenue.

“That’s certainly, I think, a tremendous loss for



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