WEF's 'Decarbonization' Agenda Exposed as Mass Depopulation Plot – EVOL

The “decarbonization” agenda being pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has just been exposed as a plot to wipe out the majority of the global population of humans.

In recent years, globalist government officials and climate activists have been parroting the WEF’s anti-carbon agenda.

The WEF claims that reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is vital to “save the planet” from “global warming.”

However, newly emerged data have revealed that this reduction of carbon will cause a mass depopulation event – and this was the WEF’s plan all along.

The geological time scale (GTS) contains certain eras where CO2 levels were historically high due to thriving plant life.

The GTS also contains periods where CO2 levels were catastrophically low, which correlate with mass extinction events and the inability of certain species to adapt.

The climate and botanical history during these eras and the volcanic and seismic events that occurred over these periods indicate the all-important influence of atmospheric CO2 levels over life on Earth.

This history of the CO2 cycle and its natural sequestration has implications for the survival of entire species.

Today, globalists seek to interfere with CO2 levels using large-scale geoengineering experiments.




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