WEF Took $100 Billion in Profits from 'Carbon Taxes' Last Year – EVOL

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is gloating that the unelected globalist organization raked in a whopping $100 billion in profits from “carbon taxes” last year alone.

The WEF has ordered the governments of “sovereign” nations to pay huge subsidies in taxpayer money to fund globalists’ alleged efforts to “save the planet” from “climate change.”

The money is funneled to the WEF from taxpayer funds of several countries.

The WEF has announced that $104 billion was siphoned out of the pockets of taxpayers globally via carbon taxes last year to pay for “decarbonization” schemes.

However, the so-called “decarbonization” schemes of the WEF only seek to advance the globalists’ anti-human agenda.

In an article, the WEF brags that this is a new record and that carbon taxes and emissions trading systems now account for 24% of the world’s emissions, up from 7% in 2013.

“Carbon pricing can be one of the most powerful tools to help countries reduce emissions,” said World Bank managing director Axel van Trotsenburg.

“That’s why it is good to see these instruments expand to new sectors, become more adaptable and complement other measures.”

Annual #carbonpricing revenues reached historic levels in 2023. Find out what that means for



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