WEF Planning to Make Humans Allergic to Meat to ‘Fight Climate Crisis’

A World Economic Forum (WEF) official has revealed that the globalist organization is seeking to make humans fatally allergic to meat consumption in order to supposedly stop the alleged “climate crisis.”

The WEF insider boasted about plans to force humanity to stop eating meat and consuming resources and these plans are being rolled out now to fight so-called “global boiling.”

Under the WEF’s new plan, eating red meat will result in a person becoming violently ill or even dying.

This evil plot against humanity has been in the works for years, and now we are seeing the first signs play out before our very eyes.

The WEF has been calling for governments to genetically modify citizens so that they become “allergic to consuming meat,” as part of a plan to fight “global boiling.”

Make no mistake, the globalist elite have been carefully planning this attack on humanity for decades.

In 2016, Dr. Matthew Liao, a WEF bioethicist, called for human beings to be genetically engineered to become much smaller in size and completely meat-intolerant.

According to Liao, a virus can be engineered that would spread through the human race and all members of the public with deadly meat allergies.




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