WEF Demands Limits on Car Ownership Among General Public – EVOL

The unelected World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on global governments to begin placing limits on private car ownership among the general public.

The globalist WEF is demanding that regular families with more than one car should be forced to give up one of their vehicles.

Despite the fact that a person can only drive one car at a time, the WEF insists that limiting the number of vehicles people can own will help to “save the planet” from “climate change.”

The WEF argues that members of the public must be forced into giving up a vehicle as part of the organization’s “One Less Car” agenda.

However, the agenda appears to be a stepping stone for the WEF’s long-promoted plan to eliminate all private car ownership.

This week, the WEF published a new article detailing the expectations for families to begin adopting the “One Less Car” lifestyle.

To support the scheme, Klaus Schwab’s Switzerland-based organization highlights a recent study in Australia.

The WEF noted that Uber Australia conducted the “One Less Car” trial alongside behavioral scientists and other rideshare companies in an effort to reduce the number of cars in private hands.

The article states that electric vehicles are part of



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