WEF Demands 'Less Souls on the Planet' – EVOL

Unelected globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) have unveiled their new agenda which involves pushing to ensure there are “less souls on the planet.”

Klaus Schwab’s Switzerland-based elitist organization is arguing that eliminating the vast majority of humans on Earth is the only way to “save the planet” and create a better “new world” for those left behind.

WEF agents are now demanding that a major depopulation plan to “reduce the number of feet” be put in place.

Sadhguru, a WEF agenda contributor, announced the plans during a meeting with world leaders and global elites.

Globalists praised Sadhguru for his “frankness” when he openly gloated how the depopulation agenda.

WEF members reportedly expressed “relief” when Sadhguru openly stated that the majority of the human population needs to be eliminated.

Sadhguru said, “They asked me a brilliant question. ‘How do you reduce the human footprint?’

“I said, ‘You have to reduce the number of feet.’”

“Unless you reduce the human footprint on the planet, there is no solution for anything,” Sadhguru warned.

“All the religious groups are against me because I’m talking about population,” Sadhguru noted.

“They want more souls – I want less on the planet.”





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