WEF Demands End of 'Democratic Elections': 'We Will Decide' – EVOL

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has demanded that global governments ban members of the public from taking part in “democratic elections,” declaring that future leaders must, instead, be “chosen” by the unelected globalist elite.

According to WEF founder and chairman, Professor Klaus Schwab, the general public cannot be trusted to choose leadership.

Schwab argues that elections are now unnecessary because bureaucrats can now use artificial intelligence (AI) to “predict” who leaders “should be.”

This is all moving towards globalization and a One World Government, for which a drastically reduced world population is of the order.

This remains the WEF’s number ONE objective, as per The Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030.

Klaus Schwab’s dream of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI, and digitization of everything are just instruments to get there faster.

Another tool was covid and the bio-weapons “vaccines”, and perhaps the WEF Davos24 propagated new virus “X” – not yet existing, but roaming somewhere out there (Gates, Tedros WHO) and, ludicrously, “vaxxes” are already being developed – and a foremost instrument for this globalist genocide is the tremendous climate hoax.

The climate lie has been in the making, at least since the Club of Rome’s devastating Report of “Limits to Growth” which



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