WEF: ‘Catastrophic Cyber Event’ Will Trigger ‘Great Reset’ in 2024

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced that humanity will be devasted by a “catastrophic cyber event” in 2024 that will pave the way for the “Great Reset” to be ushered in.

According to the WEF, citizens will need to drastically alter their way of life to adapt to the “new world.”

Freedom of movement, ownership of property, elections, meat consumption, physical money, and privacy will all need to be abandoned for “15-minute cities” and “cashless societies.”

The year 2023 was no cakewalk, for sure, but it could very well be the last year in which we enjoyed a semblance of normalcy.

There was no pandemic.

War broke out but it didn’t come to our shores.

Our paper money still buys food for our Christmas table and energy to heat our homes, even if it’s more expensive than in previous years.

The fact that this worthless fiat paper is still capable of being traded for food, shelter, and other hard assets is a blessing that might not be available to us one year from now.

You might want to take full advantage of this while you can.

With the world’s superpowers remaining far apart in terms of how we



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