WEF Admits Pandemic Was a Hoax to Eliminate Cash – EVOL

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has admitted that the Covid pandemic was a globalist hoax that sought to eliminate cash and force the public to accept central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital IDs.

The WEF revealed that the global pandemic was merely a step toward ushering in the organization’s plan for a worldwide “cashless society.”

Interstingly, globalists have revealed that the coming single digital currency will have two tiers.

There will be one CBDC system for the general public to use and another that only global elites, corporations, and politicians will be able to access.

The WEF “globalism caravan” was in Saudi Arabia late last month.

During one of the WEF “special meeting” panels, global elites heard about the plan to force “behavioral population lessons” during the Covid pandemic.

Specifically, regarding the current push to introduce a single global CBDC for all citizens around the world.

The pandemic itself may have done a sudden “disappearing act” about two years ago – but it’s clearly seen by some as paving the way for a host of other things.

One – the vast majority of people responded to extreme movement and activity restrictions that profoundly affected their lives, plus vaccines –



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