WATCH: Tucker Previews Interview With Man Who Claims Obama Is Gay

Tucker Carlson is set to air an explosive interview with a man who claims to have had a sexual relationship with former President Barack Obama, reviving a story that has been circulating for years but has largely been ignored by mainstream media.

This isn’t the first time such claims have been made about Obama. A similar story was reported by the Daily Mail back during Obama’s presidency, but it failed to gain traction in mainstream media outlets. The man, Larry Sinclair, alleges that he had sex with Obama in 1999 and that they used cocaine together. According to him, “It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time.”

Sinclair also criticized the mainstream media for not covering the story, echoing a sentiment commonly heard in conservative circles. “Well, it would be a story if the media really cared about telling people the truth,” he said.

“Is it your sense that that’s who Obama is, just transactional, or that he’s bisexual, or like, what is this?” Carlson asked in the preview. “The guy’s running for president, and credible information comes out that he’s smoking crack and having sex with dudes,” Sinclair responded.


If true, it could have significant implications for Obama’s legacy. As



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