WATCH: Trump Releases New Ad In Support Of America’s Auto Workers

Former President Donald Trump has released a new radio ad in support of America’s auto workers, stressing that President Biden has “turned his back” on them.

The new ad comes as the United Auto Workers (UAW) union — one of the nation’s largest auto workers unions that boasts more than 400,000 members — are striking against the big three U.S. auto makers. While auto workers unions have long supported Democratic candidates, the Biden Administration’s shift towards electric vehicles has placed continued support in doubt.

“They are America’s auto workers. They helped build our country and keep us on the move. and we’ve always been able to count on them during times of war, peace, prosperity, and tough times,” a narrator reads in the Trump campaign’s new ad.

“Yet all they’ve ever wanted is to compete fairly worldwide and get their fair share of the American dream. Donald Trump calls them great Americans and has always had their backs — from tax cuts for their families to playing hardball with China,” the ad continues. “Biden? He’s turned his back on the auto workers, by cutting a deal that uses America’s tax dollars to help fund China’s electric car business.”

“That’s a



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