WATCH: Trump Mocks Biden’s Frequent Stage Mishaps With Remarkably Accurate Impression

Former President Donald Trump unleashed on Joe Biden, the weaponization of the justice system and Biden’s push for electric vehicles on while addressing members of the California Republican Party in Anaheim on Friday. At one point, the former president mocked President Biden’ frequent stage mishaps with a hilarious impression.

President Biden has struggled to find the exit points on stages at numerous points throughout his tenure in the White House. Biden has frequently ended speaking events by motioning to staff members, pointing aimlessly and most recently, saluting the crowd before meandering off the stage.

The president has had stage mishaps while addressing Air Force Academy cadets, world leaders at the G20 summit, NATO leaders, voters at town hall events, and several other forums since assuming office in 2021.

Biden forgot the Queen died and goes the wrong way off the stage despite being told to go the other way.

Totally normal behavior for the most powerful man in the

— Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) June 16, 2023

“Does anybody think he’s gonna make it to the starting gate?” Trump asked California Republicans on Friday. “I mean the guy can’t find his way off of a stage!”

“Look, here’s a



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