WATCH: Trump Meets With Argentina's Javier Milei At CPAC After 'Make Argentina Great Again' Speech – EVOL

Former President Donald Trump met with recently elected Argentinian President Javier Milei at CPAC over the weekend. The two shared an enthusiastic hug a day after Milei met with Biden Administration officials in Washington.

Milei had long expressed support for former President Donald Trump and stated that he would love the opportunity to work with him while on the campaign trail. Milei — who campaigned on slashing government regulations and bureaucracy — was elected president last year.

The Argentinian leader has largely kept his word, disbanding multiple government agencies while drastically reducing others.

Milei also modeled his presidential campaign off Trump’s 2016 White House bid, complete with red “Make Argentina Great Again” hats.

On Saturday, Trump and Milei met backstage at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington D.C. In a video of the encounter, Milei could be heard shouting “president” before pulling Trump in for a hug. The two then spoke for a few minutes and posed for pictures.

While addressing the CPAC crowd, Milei echoed Trump’s views on the border crisis and the rise of far-left movements. “Don’t let the siren calls of social justice fool you,” Milei said during his speech. “I come from a country that



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