WATCH: Trump Greeted By Roaring Chants Of ‘USA’ At Formula One Race – EVOL

Former President Donald Trump received roaring chants of “USA” when he arrived at the third annual Formula One Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.

As the former president’s motorcade was making its way to the Hard Rock Stadium, he was greeted by crowds of supporters who lined up on either side of the road. He also received a warm reception from a group of police officers, who waved and gave thumbs’ up as the motorcade passed by.

Once Trump’s security detail arrived at the stadium, the former president made his way through the tunnels before entering the concourse. Cheers and shouts of “USA” could be heard as fans and supporters mobbed the entranceway as Trump arrived.

The warm reception continued when Trump arrived on the track, as the crowd erupted into much louder chants of “USA.” The Republican nominee could be seen waving to the crowd while holding a MAGA hat in his right hand.

Tom Garfinkel, Miami Dolphins CEO and managing general partner of the F1 Miami Grand Prix, did not announce that Trump would be attending the race due to security reasons.

“I’m not allowed to disclose the attendees for security and privacy reasons,” Garfinkel said. “We



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