WATCH: 'The View' Hosts Worried Pro-Palestine Campus Protests Will HELP Trump – EVOL

Well, here’s a unique take from the ladies over at The View

On Friday, the hosts of the TDS-fueled talk show discussed their worries that the violent protests in support of Gaza against Israel on college campuses will take attention away from what they see as a bigger issue this election year — the January 6th Capitol protest from over 3 YEARS ago!

With voters focusing on these current protests and forgetting about J6, The View ladies are concerned that the Gaza protests will help Trump secure his victory this November…

“January 6th is ingrained in my memory and it should be ingrained in every single person’s memory in the United States of America,” said co-host Sunny Hostin.

Watch the clip here:

The View hosts worry that college Gaza Camp protests will distract from J6.

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) May 4, 2024

The Post Millennial commented:

The ladies of The View on Friday expressed their concern that the Gaza camp protests across the US, mostly localized on college campuses as the school term comes to a close, will distract voters from what they see as the more important protest, J6, which occurred over three years ago.




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