WATCH: The Many Names And Faces Of Joseph R. Biden...

We have all been hearing whispers that Democrats desperately want Joe Biden gone. …

Indeed, the evidence against Joe Biden and the Biden crime family continues to mount, and it all seems to be reaching a crescendo—Joe Biden is almost guaranteed not to have a spot in the 2024 Presidential election due to all the stories and seismic evidence of corruption that continue to surface.

As part of that continuous stream of evidence, The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) claims that it has roughly 5,400 pieces of communication between Joe Biden and others in which Biden used various pseudonyms.

The records correspond to Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President. …I don’t know about you, but these records are damning enough on their own—this is an enormous development. …

Moreover, Greg Kelly of Newsmax recently claimed he is aware of numerous audio tapes that will definitively prove Biden’s guilt.

According to Kelly, the tapes will be released between Labor Day and Halloween.

The GOP asked on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Why would Joe Biden use pseudonyms, potentially thousands of times? Why did his family and associates set up 20 shell companies? Why were they receiving millions of dollars from foreign



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