WATCH: The Film Causing An Uproar, Terrifying Future Of America Or Woke Propaganda? – EVOL

A new film by independent filmmaker Studio A24 has caused an uproar, but does the film represent our future or just woke propaganda?

Civil War is aptly named for the realistic fictional plot of the film which tells the story of an armed conflict that ravages America in the not-so-distant future.

I am a huge fan of Studio A24’s usual offerings—they’re always so weird that they always leave an impression.

Sadly, the studio has taken somewhat of a woke direction in recent years and has departed from its usual productions.

Members of Civil War’s cast and production team have stated on camera that they feel January 6th was an actual insurrection.

Knowing this, will you watch the film or give it a pass? Let us know in the comments section! Here’s the latest on A24’s Civil War:

#CivilWarMovie opens with $25.7M domestically, making it:

🍿A24’s first ever film to be #1 at the domestic box office

🍿A24’s highest grossing opening weekend ever

🍿’Civil War’ cost $50 million, so it’s the studio’s most expensive movie to date.

— Wolf of My Street🏡 (@Ryan__Rigg) April 15, 2024

One nation under CIVIL WAR

— A24 (@A24) April 16,



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