WATCH: The Dark Side Of Nickelodeon REVEALED, Dark Allegations Surface Against Children's TV Network – EVOL

Many in my generation grew up watching Nickelodeon almost every day, and no one imagined the horrors that were going on behind the set.

Former child actors of the Children’s TV network have now come out to detail allegations against the network in a documentary titled  “Quiet on the Set.”

The accusations range from inappropriate jokes snuck into what was purportedly children’s programming, to inappropriate relationships and outright sexual assault claims.

Former star Drake Bell, from the early 2000s show “Drake and Josh,” claimed that he was sodomized at the age of 15 by actor and coach Brian Peck.

Amanda Bynes, who starred on the network in a variety of roles, also reportedly had a secret Twitter account where she was leaking the horrible things that had happened at Nickelodeon during the 1990s and early 2000s era.

Why do allegations like this continue to surface in Hollywood? It seems like we see allegations like this pretty much every single day in the entertainment industry.

Here are just some of the allegations former Nickelodeon child stars have made regarding their time at the network:

All this Nickelodeon stuff is wild. This girl explains how Amanda Bynes had a secret twitter



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