WATCH: Rudy Giuliani SHREDS Fani Willis’ Indictments, Says Her Mistakes ‘Made It Easy’ To Move Case

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and personal attorney to former President Donald Trump, vehemently criticized Fani Willis over her handing down of indictments in Fulton County, Georgia. Giuliani’s remarks were not just scathing but also questioned Willis’ competence and understanding of legal procedures.

Giuliani began his critique by mocking Willis, saying, “I don’t even think she knows what the RICO statute is.”

Giuliani stated, “You know how many mistakes she made in that indictment? Do you know how she made it so much more possible to remove the case? Because she’s so damn stupid, she didn’t bother to read 28 USC 1442.” Giuliani revealed that he had been aware of this particular statute for weeks but chose to remain silent to avoid alerting Willis.

Giuliani pointed out that Willis could have tailored the indictment in a way that would have made it more challenging to move the case to a federal court. He said, “She didn’t have to put in all those other places. The minute she puts in all those other places, it becomes more of a federal case.” He argued that while the case might have been won regardless, Willis’ errors made the process easier.



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