WATCH President Trump: "We Will NOT Comply!"

The only thing progressive about liberalism is the rate at which that disease spreads.

Every sane American knows that the COVID hysteria is merely that—the hysterics of all the malcontents and mental patients in our country that we give credence to—instead of permanently shutting that segment of society up…

The very fact of the matter is that anyone who fears a disease with a 99.998% survivability rate is a coward. … A sniveling, effeminate, coward.

I have long warned Americans that the time for Kum-bah-yah is over—that ship has sailed and America’s problems won’t be solved by holding hands, ‘understanding’, or that tolerant sort of rhetoric.

As a matter of fact, no problem has ever been solved by holding hands and a tolerant sort of rhetoric—read history, 5 pages in any direction, and that will become abundantly clear.

The Biden administration is attempting to bring back COVID-era restrictions for a disease that is virtually non-existent and a non-issue.

I had Covid-19 twice. The first time I felt like I had mild allergies; the second time I felt like I had a cold that wasn’t nearly as bad or as long in duration as other common colds I have had.




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