WATCH: Massive ‘Trump Or Death’ Flag Unfurled At Yankee Stadium

A couple cheeky supporters of former President Donald Trump unfurled a massive banner at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night just before the first pitch.

Standing on the front row of the upper balcony, two men can be seen draping a banner supporting the 45th president during a rendition of “God Bless America.” A camera trained on the action captured the moment as well as the stunned faces of attendees below.

“Trump or Death,” reads the banner, adding the years 1776 and 2024 to the left and right.


As President Trump has continued to surpass the incumbent President Joe Biden in poll after poll, new voters from cities like New York have been adding themselves to his coalition, especially given the city’s migrant crisis and pushback on the White House from Mayor Eric Adams. Even communities of color have responded positively to Trump’s reelection campaign as he enjoys greater supporter among Black and Hispanic Americans than previous Republican presidential nominees.

During his arraignment in Georgia last month, President Trump arrived to see throngs of Black and white supporters line the streets as his motorcade passed by, with many waving signs and giant flags in support of the 45th president. His public



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