WATCH: Leftist Finds Common Ground With Trump Voters At Erie Rally

A representative from More Perfect Union — a left-wing media nonprofit geared towards improving political rhetoric — was able to find common ground with numerous Trump supporters at the former president’s July 29 rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

John Russell, a self-described “flaming leftist” who has worked in pro-Trump areas of the country, began by saying he came to the rally on a “hunch” that he could find common ground with Trump voters. “We are polarized, there is no doubt about it,” Russell said.

“So here’s my hunch; for all the focus on culture war issues, the working class on the left and the right have a-lot in common than we’re led to believe,” the interviewer continued.

The hunch ultimately proved correct as numerous rallygoers found common ground on foreign policy, corporate power and stagnant wages compared with skyrocketing cost of living, among several other things.

“You know he’s definitely not a Republican because then Mitch McConnell and them would be backing him and DeSantis wouldn’t be running against him,” said one Trump voter. “He’s obviously not a Democrat anymore, so we’re more of a politically homeless faction that loves America and will make all the changes.”

The man went on



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