WATCH: John Kennedy Eviscerates Biden: 'Even Old People Can Suck' – EVOL

In a critique of the Biden administration’s handling of the escalating campus protests related to Israel’s war in Gaza, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) delivered a fiery rebuke of President Joe Biden, saying that “even old people can suck.” The biting remarks were made on Monday, where he accused Biden of being reluctant to confront universities that have struggled to manage pro-Palestinian demonstrations on their campuses.

“President Biden could stop this stuff on a dime,” Kennedy said. “All he would have to do is pick up the phone and call the president of Columbia University quietly and say, ‘Madam President, you’ve got 14 days to get control of your campus or you’re not getting any more federal money.’ Now, she will pounce on that like a ninja.”

Kennedy pointed directly to recent changes in graduation plans at Columbia University and Emory University as emblematic of the administration’s failure. Columbia canceled its traditional main commencement ceremony set for May 15, opting instead for smaller, school-level events. Many universities have cited safety concerns after recent protests saw dozens of demonstrators arrested.

Kennedy criticized Biden for his inaction, attributing the President’s reluctance to intervene to internal Democratic politics. “Biden is scared to death to



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