Watch: Joe Rogan Leaves Google Researcher Speechless, Corners Him on Lack of Privacy from Agencies – EVOL

Joe Rogan cornered a Big Tech big shot into admitting that privacy is virtually non-existent on their devices.

On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast released Tuesday, the host spoke with Ray Kurzweil, a “scientist, futurist, and Principal Researcher and AI Visionary at Google,” according to the episode’s description.

During their discussion, Rogan pressed Kurzweil on the issue of what intelligence agencies are capable of gleaning from ordinary devices because of the industry’s unwillingness to lock down privacy for its users.

Kurzweil insisted that the industry “can create privacy that’s virtually unbreakable, and you can keep the privacy to yourselves,” and stuck to that point.

However, Rogan pressed him on the industry’s unwillingness to do so, while Kurzweil could only repeat his point about the capabilities.


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“Anyone can listen to you on your phone. I mean, anyone who has a significant technology,” the host said.

“No. Actually, it has pretty good technology already. You can’t really read someone else’s phone,” Kurzweil claimed.

“You definitely could,” Rogan shot back. “Yeah, if you have Pegasus,



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