WATCH: Hundreds Of Migrants Continue To Stream Into NYC's Roosevelt Hotel

Hundreds of recently arrived illegal migrants from across the globe were seen streaming into New York City shelters by the busload over the weekend as the city continues to be inundated with new arrivals due to its “sanctuary” immigration status, which bars city officials from coordinating with the federal government on deportation efforts.

Video clips from Viral News NYC show streams of predominantly African and Middle Eastern migrants arriving at the historic Roosevelt Hotel, which has emerged as one of the city’s primary shelters. In response to the massive influx, the city has converted schools, gyms and other vacant buildings into migrant shelters. City officials claim the shelters are temporary solutions, though their close proximity to active schools, daycares and residential buildings have sparked protests.

The flow continued over the weekend, as busloads of illegal aliens were seen arriving at their new homes in the Big Apple. On Saturday, roughly 600 migrants arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel alone, according to Viral News NYC. New arrivals hailed from Sudan, Senegal and Venezuela, among dozens of additional nations.

Yesterday, NYC took on around 600 to 700 migrants.
Over 6 busses full of migrants showed up at the Port Authority.
The Roosevelt



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