Watch: Flynn Demos Astounding AI That Changes Voices to Chinese, Even Alters Lips to Match – EVOL

Speaking fluent Gaelic could be only the push of a button away in the world of artificial intelligence.

Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn offered a demonstration using his podcast, “Inside the SCIF,” in a March 20 post on X.

“This PODCAST features how we are applying Artificial Intelligence combined with innovative applications to broadcast to more diverse audiences in America and around the world,” wrote Flynn, who served as national security advisor to former President Donald Trump.

“You’ll see our network’s President, Brandon Howse in discussions with Colonel John Mills (all speaking Mandarin),” he said.

“Not only are the words translated realtime in audio, but the formation of the words on our mouths are also manipulated so that the viewer can essentially ‘read lips’ along with the spoken words,” Flynn said.


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The AI video, which used the Feb. 4 episode of his show, was posted to YouTube on Feb. 21.

As advertised, it features the retired general and others appearing to speak Mandarin, with their lips moving in sync with the words.

[embedded content]

Although Flynn noted that he



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