WATCH: Chiefs Fans TACKLE Alleged Parade Shooter, Describe The Moment: 'Gun Came Out' - EVOL

In a display of extraordinary courage and quick action, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs tackled one of the alleged shooters during the team’s Super Bowl victory parade, preventing what could have escalated into a far greater tragedy.

The incident, which occurred outside of Union Station amidst the festivities, has left one person dead and approximately 14 others injured with five in critical condition, at the time of publication.

Eyewitnesses captured the tense moments on video, showing several individuals bravely confronting the suspect. Amidst the chaos, a voice can be heard, recounting the critical moment: “We tackled him. When we tackled him, the gun came out.”


Footage showcasing brave Kansas City fans subduing one of the shooters.

The local hospitals were put on high alert as victims were rushed for medical attention. Authorities are currently investigating the motive behind the shooting and the sequence of events that led to it.

“We’ve also received a call from the White House that offered all federal assistance in the investigation. We had federal agencies present today. We appreciate that, and certainly in the days ahead and the hours ahead, we will make sure we continue to do this work,” Kansas City Mayor



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