Washington Supreme Court Upholds High-Capacity Magazines Ban – EVOL

Washington State’s Supreme Court has upheld a ban on high-capacity magazines after it was previously determined to be unconstitutional, according to reports.

In a ruling earlier this month, a lower court found that the ban was unconstitutional.

However, Washington State Supreme Court Commissioner Michael E. Johnston has now ruled in favor of the ban.

The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Gators Customs Guns against Washington state alleging that the ban was unconstitutional and that claim was initially successful.

High-capacity magazines are defined as magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.

Cowlitz County Superior Judge Gary Bashor found that the ban on high-capacity magazines violated the 2nd Amendment.

Johnston responded by immediately issuing an emergency order putting the ruling on hold.

“I was particularly concerned that the superior court’s decision would trigger a flood of (large capacity magazines) entering state circulation, as happened in California, with potential effects on public safety,” Johnston stated.

Essentially, Johnston knew that Americans would rush to finally buy magazines that have been restricted and he had to put a stop to that.

Johnston didn’t even contest Bashor’s findings that the ban was unconstitutional, he simply fearmongered about “a flood” of high-capacity



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