Washington Moves to Introduce ‘Hate Crime Hotline’ to Crack Down on ‘Bias Incidents’ – EVOL

Democrats in Washington State are pushing through new legislation that will launch a new “hate crime hotline.”

The recently passed bill with enact the hotline in 2025 that seeks to crack down on “bias incidents.”

Senate Bill 5427 is sponsored by State Sen. Javier Valdez, a Seattle Democrat.

Despite Republican opposition, the legislation easily passed the state House on Wednesday with unanimous support from the Democrat majority.

The bill stated that the attorney general’s office “shall oversee a hate crimes and bias incidents hotline staffed during business hours and dedicated to assisting people who have been targeted or affected by hate crimes and bias incidents.”

The hotline would primarily “identify local service providers and culturally specific services” with a focus on “historically underserved communities.”

In addition, the office would establish an advisory committee with “diverse and inclusive representation.”

The committee would provide “advice and assistance” on how to tackle reports of wrongthink received by the hotline.

The bill stated that a pilot hotline program must be developed and implemented in at least three Washington counties by July 2025.

By January 2027, the program will be rolled out statewide and available to all counties.

By July 2027, the attorney general’s office



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