Voters In Lancaster County Look For Answers After USPS Screw Up

Always vote in person, always. This story is yet another stark reminder that mail-in voting is rife with issues and a hotbed of questionable election practices.

According to Lancaster Online, more than 100 individuals in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have reported a glaring problem with their mail-in ballots: the ballots weren’t delivered by the deadline and weren’t counted.

Now, these angry residents are seeking answers from the United States Postal Office, but does anyone ever get answers from USPS or any other government agency?

There are still entire trucks of mail-in ballots from the 2020 election without a clear chain of custody.

I have to stress that these 100 or so ballots wouldn’t have changed the outcome of any of the races in Lancaster County.

My main point is that the USPS is wholly unqualified to act as a courier for a mail-in voting system. Here’s what we currently know:

New from our news team: More than 100 Lancaster County mail-in ballots tossed after postal service delay [updated]

— LNP | LancasterOnline (@LancasterOnline) December 2, 2023

Remember that time there was no such thing as a late ballot? They said all votes matter. I have no idea. What’s the political leaning



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