‘VICTORY’: D.C. Forced to Purge Over 100,000 Ineligible Names from Voter Rolls

Washington D.C. officials have been compelled to comply with legal threats from a judicial watchdog and is now purging its voter rolls of over 100,000 ineligible names.

“We sent notice letters to election officials in the District of Columbia, California, and Illinois, notifying them of evident violations of the National Voter Registration Act(NVRA) of 1993, based on their failure to remove inactive voters from their registration rolls,” Judicial Watch announced on Friday.

“In response to our inquiries, Washington, DC, officials admitted that they had not complied with the NVRA, promptly removed 65,544 outdated names from the voting rolls, promised to remove 37,962 more, and designated another 73,522 registrations as ‘inactive’,” the announcement noted.

The notice letter sent to the District of Columbia noted that it had remove “zero voter registrations in the last two-year reporting period” for “failing to respond to an address confirmation notice” for “failing to vote in two consecutive general federal elections.”

DC flatly admitted in correspondence with Judicial Watch that it was failing to remove registrations as required by the NVRA, citing data conversion, staffing, and other issues DC’s total registration rate—its total number of registrations divided by the most recent census estimates of its



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