Utah Mother Initiates Legal Action Against Astrazeneca, Alleging Long-Term Impairment Resulting From Participation in COVID Vaccine Trial – EVOL

A Utah mother is suing AstraZeneca, the drug manufacturer of the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming that she was left permanently disabled after participating in the clinical trial.

Brianne Dressen, who was initially in good health, developed severe neurological symptoms shortly after receiving the vaccine. She experienced arm tingles, blurred vision, a headache, ringing ears, and vomiting, which later progressed to a neurological condition called paresthesia.

Dressen was diagnosed with post-vaccine neuropathy by National Institutes of Health neurologists. She accuses AstraZeneca of breaching their contract by failing to provide adequate compensation for her medical bills and lost wages.

Despite signing a consent form stating that the company would cover medical treatment costs, Dressen claims AstraZeneca only offered her a one-time payment of $1,243.30.

Over 50 individuals have already filed a class-action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer in the UK with similar allegations.

A spokesperson for AstraZeneca declined to comment on Dressen’s lawsuit but emphasized the vaccine’s safety profile and the benefits of vaccination outweighing the risks of rare side effects.

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