USA Chants Breaks Out at Anti-Israel Protests at Rutgers University – EVOL

It’s refreshing to see students standing up at Anti-Israel protests.

It seems students at Rutgers University were simply fed up with the anti-American rhetoric appearing on college campuses.

Rutgers students who stood up to anti-Israel protests with USA chant speak out: ‘Fed up with anti-Americanism’

— Fox News (@FoxNews) May 4, 2024

Two major protests were held on Voorhees Mall in New Jersey on Thursday afternoon, one side chanting pro-America, the other pro-Palestinian slogans.

Fox News expands on comments from Stephen Wallace, a junior at Rutgers who was present at the rally:

“We’re tired of it,” he said in a video interview with Fox News Digital. “We’re fed up with the anti-Americanism. We just want to be patriotic again and that’s what I hope for the rest of this country.”

“It’s good that the school is listening to its students. However, I will say that you cannot just let a bunch of students run the whole show,” Wallace said. “If the general population of students here at Rutgers either don’t care, don’t have an opinion or are pro-American, why are we capitulating to people who don’t really care about this country?”

Watch a video here of students drowning



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