Univision Host Co-Moderating Second GOP Debate Claimed Trump ‘Empowers White Supremacists’

The moderators of the second 2024 Republican primary debate have been chosen. The debate will be moderated by Dana Perino of FOX News, Stuart Varney of the FOX Business Network, and Ilia Calderón of Univision.

Dana Perino is an obvious representative of the establishment GOP, and she deserves to ask questions in this forum, not only based on her experience in a cabinet, but also as a longtime political media analyst.

Stuart Varney was an early and vocal supporter of Donald Trump. He also brings a unique perspective on economic issues. The reasons for his presence at this debate are obvious.

What is strange is the participation of Ilia Calderón of Univision, who once said Donald Trump ’empowers white supremacy.’

Breitbart News reported:

Second GOP Debate Co-Moderator Ilia Calderón Accused Trump of ‘Racist’ Rhetoric: He ‘Empowers White Supremacists’

Univision’s Ilia Calderón, who will co-moderate the second Republican presidential debate, is a staunch critic of former President Donald Trump, having accused him of empowering white supremacists and “racist” rhetoric in the past.

Fox News and Univision announced that Calderón, along with Fox News’s Dana Perino and Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney, will moderate the September 27 debate at the Ronald Reagan



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