United Nations Is Building ‘Digital Army’ to Censor Online ‘Disinformation’

The United Nations (UN) has revealed that the unelected organization is “building a digital army” to police and censor the speech of the taxpaying public online.

The UN insists that it is a global player in the “fight against online misinformation.”

The globalist agency is doubling down on the narrative about the supposedly serious threat this new phenomenon allegedly brings to humankind.

However, the UN is not satisfied with only tackling mere “misinformation” and is upping the ante by launching into battle against, what it calls, “deadly disinformation.”

According to an announcement on the UN website, the international organization warns that “disinformation” is “deadly” and poses an “existential” risk to the core building blocks of modern societies such as democratic institutions and fundamental human rights.

In the UN’s increasingly alarmist language, the organization now uses the term “war” and “battlefield” to describe censoring information that dissents from the official narrative.

Interestingly, the language is the same that Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration used regarding the Covid vaccines during the pandemic.

In order to justify as much as it can this considerable shift in policy and focus from the UN’s traditional operations and purpose, the announcement doesn’t talk only about



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