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Until recently, many efforts to censor and suppress speech have required manual labor; human beings have been tasked to put their eyeballs on the page and then decide what stuff gets to remain. In the good old days, books were banned this way. Now, those eyeballs are turned toward the virtual spaces online, an environment that is much more unwieldy to monitor and control. Not only is the information on the internet copious, but it seems that some of it is too independent-minded for the government to accept. Unfortunately, the government and its elitist NGO partners have struggled to manage the load. It turns out they have neither the resources nor the manpower to shut down the naughty, freethinking rascals that roam the internet where the virtual resistance hangs out.

It is now brutally evident from a recent National Science Foundation (NSF) Interim Staff Report that the Biden administration and its minions are deeply offended by the “democratization of speech” that has proliferated on the internet. Good intentions often produce unintended consequences. In this case, there is just too much free speech going on. With the advent of machine learning, the government will now be able to control speech using Artificial



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