UN Officials Scarfed Down Meat at COP28 Climate Meeting While Planning to Cut It from Our Diets

For years, the United Nations has been lecturing everyone not to eat meat, and a report advocating for reduced meat consumption is anticipated to be released shortly.

The United Nations is expected to call on Americans to drastically reduce their meat eating habits with the overall the goal to reduce climate impacts caused by emissions from the meat and dairy companies.

Local cattle producers reached by Fox affiliate WFXR said that “going after a meat market isn’t going to just just affect cattle producers” but it will “be a big ripple effect.” It’s not going to just affect cattle farmers. It’s going to affect farmers all the way across the nation.

Federal data show that only 1.4 percent of global “greenhouse gas” emissions, including methane, are the result of Americans’ meat consumption.

Despite these facts and the upcoming UN report, meat was prominently featured on the menu during the United Nations’ COP28 climate meeting, Blaze Media reported.

“Among the food options offered for attendees are The Hungry Hub, which offers beef and meat; Philly Jawn by Ghostburger, which offers burgers and Philly cheesesteaks; Swaggers, which offers smoked ribs and smoked wagyu burgers; and Mattar Farm Live Cooking, which serves



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