UN Demands US Change Constitution to Limit Americans’ Freedoms

The United Nations (UN) is demanding that the U.S. government make changes to the sacred Constitution in order to strip Americans of their God-given freedoms.

UN Human Rights Committee is demanding that America change the Constitution to crack down on free speech, confiscate guns, suppress religious freedom, and allow more abortion.

According to the UN, these draconian changes are necessary to improve “human rights” in America.

By complying with the demands, the U.S. will be brought into compliance with the unelected United Nations’ plans for promoting abortion, gun control, and transgenderism.

In the UN’s crosshairs are free-speech rights, state-level restrictions on abortions, state efforts to protect children from genital mutilation, and the use of the death penalty on murderers.

All that and more came under attack by the UN “human rights” machinery as supposed “human rights” violations.

The globalist body also warned that the U.S. Constitution is standing in the way of the UN’s efforts to “fight climate change.”

According to The New American, the controversial UN report, released by the UN Human Rights Committee on November 3, examined whether the government at all levels in the United States was complying with the largely unconstitutional commitments to the UN



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